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Haul Road Fabric

Properly designed and well constructed haul roads are safer and cause less wear and tear on equipment. However, poor soils can result in a haul road that is a maintenance nightmare. A common solution, over excavating the weak materials to remove poor soils, can dramatically increase costs. The use of a geotextile road fabric separator or base stabilization geogrid is the answer. US Fabrics offers both woven road fabrics and base stabilization geogrids to help haul roads stand up to the rigors of construction traffic.

  • Permeable
  • Strong
  • Reduces Aggregate
  • Safe
  • Reduces Equipment Wear   Tear
  • Geotextiles Superior To Geogrids

Road fabric is a permeable woven geotextile that allows water on the surface to flow through the gravel to the soil beneath, but is strong enough to reduce rutting and restrict subgrade soil particles from working up into the gravel surface (pumping). This dramatically reduces the amount of gravel necessary to keep the haul road in service.

At US Fabrics, we believe strongly in the use of a woven road fabric in almost all situations. Please see "Use Woven Geotextiles Instead of Geogrids" under Helpful References for further discussion.

Regardless, if your project specification calls for a road fabric or geogrid, US Fabrics has you covered. Please click on the links below to be taken to the woven stabilization geotextile or base stabilization geogrids section of our website for more information and data sheets.