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Bond Breaker Geotextile

A geotextile bond breaker is a nonwoven, needle punched fabric used between new concrete and an existing cementitious pavement layer. German engineers have been successfully using non-woven geotextiles as bond breakers for decades.

The function of a geotextile bond breaker is to reduce the stresses that can occur if two cementitious pavement layers bond. They also create a shear plane to help prevent reflective cracking and facilitate movement of water out of the pavement system. A bond breaker can be used on deteriorated pavements exhibiting rutting,d cracking from fatigue and freeze/thaw or map cracking due to the expansive pressure of alkali silica reaction.

Geotextile bond breakers reduce material cost and install faster than traditional hot mix interlayers Easier installation with minimum training and equipment.

Benefits of Using a Geotextile Bond Breaker

  • Reduces materials cost versus traditional hot mix layer
  • Installs faster & easier than an asphalt interlayer
  • Mitigates reflective cracking
  • Promotes water drainage

Bond Breaker Products & Specifications

The American Concrete Pavement Association has created a Geotextile Separation Interlayer Guide Specification. Many D.O.T.’s have developed their own bond breaker specifications. Two common products used are our US 380NW and US 390NWE. However, we can offer products to meet any specific specification.

Please contact us to discuss your bond breaker geotextile specification.