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Composite Drains

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US Fabrics offers composite drains. These pre-fabricated composite drains, sometimes referred to as dimpleboards, strip drains or sheet drains, are an excellent alternative to traditional aggregate and geotextile wrapped pipe systems.

Prefabricated drainage systems (PDS) consist of two parts: a geosynthetic filter fabric and a molded plastic core. Geotextile fabrics have outstanding water flow. The fabric is attached to the core, providing excellent drainage while preventing the backfill from entering the core channel. The core is made of high strength plastic that withstands the type of abuse incurred during backfilling. Compared to traditional systems, PDS's cost less, install faster and work better.

Sheet Drains

The high strength core US Fabric's Sheet Drains protects waterproofing and damp-proofing from damage during backfilling and freeze/thaw cycles.

Sheet Drains rapidly lower hydrostatic head pressure by quickly transporting the water away from the wall down to the collection system at the base of the wall. The filter fabric prevents clogging by inhibiting migration of the soil fines, but allows water to enter the spacing in the dimpled core. The result is a highly effective and efficient drainage system.

US Fabric's Sheet Drains are manufactured in lightweight, easy to handle rolls and eliminate the need for heavy equipment. Our Sheet Drains offer predictable performance, providing excellent flow rates with most soil types and are tested per ASTM standards.

  • Provides an open channel to get the water down to the foundation drain
  • Protects waterproofing or damp-proofing, especially during backfilling
  • The polypropylene core is flexible and resistant to chemicals and cold weather cracking


  • Vertical: retaining walls, residential basement walls, commercial below-grade walls
  • Horizontal: plaza decks, planters, landscaped decks

Sheet Drains with AASHTO Grade Fabrics

Our 200, 400 & 700 series are available with AASHTO Grade 1, 2 or 3 nonwoven or woven fabrics. Please mention your need for these specialty fabrics when requesting a quote or odering.


SWD (site water drainage) strip drains offer superior drainage to traditional pipe and stone foundation & french drain systems and eliminates the concerns about gravel quality and soil fines. US Fabrics's pre-fabricated drains have an 80% open area compared to the 1%-3% open area for 4" perforated pipe and have a planar flow capacity in excess of 30 gal./min./lin. ft.

SWD lowers installation costs. It installs 50% faster than traditional systems, decreases the amount of soils removed from the job site and eliminates the hassle of scheduling and waiting for delivery of gravel. The flexible, lightweight rolls are easy to install, offer customized fitting and eliminate the need for heavy equipment.

SWD drains' high compressive strength (8,500 - 11,000 psf) and customized fitting ensure solid connections, long-term effectiveness and reliability. US Fabrics offers a full array of fittings and end caps to allow fast and easy installation. Ask your US Fabrics representative for further information. Applications for SWD include: Residential foundation drains, retaining walls, chimney wall drains, french drains, sports fields, golf courses and playgrounds


SWD replaces traditional pipe & gravel drains and offers even better drainage. They lower installation costs, install faster and are easier to get to the job site.

SWD is available 6", 12" & 18" widths.

Installation Video

Please click on the link to view a video detailing a backyard drainage installation of SWD.