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Woven High Tensile Modulus Geotextiles

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Woven High Tensile Modulus Geotextiles

US Fabrics is happy to offer WINfabs's complete line of High Tensile Modulus (HTM) products. These fabrics are uniquely designed to produce a superior geotextile fabric. The HTM product line yields exceptional strength combined with increased water flow and filtration properties. WINfab’s HTM products are designed to provide reinforcement, separation, filtration, drainage, and confinement for a wide variety of site conditions from moderate to severe. The use of WINfab's HTM products ensure long term performance of transportation systems and consistent load distribution in construction applications.

  • Exceptional Strength
  • Increased Water Flow
  • Severe Site Conditions
  • Consistent Load Distribution

Woven reinforcement geotextiles offer strength sufficient for critical applications such as embankments, sludge caps, bridging soft soils, bridge abutments and mechanically reinforced retaining walls while delivering excellent hydraulic properties.