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Welded Wire Forms For Steepened Slopes

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Welded Wire Forms


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Welded Wire Forms


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How quickly can my crew install a welded-wire faced slope?

An experienced crew should be able to install 1,000 - 1,500 square feet per day.

How high can I build a welded-wire faced slope?

Welded wire faced steepened slopes have been successfully built in excess of 90 feet.

Do I need welded wire facing for a slope flatter than 1H:1V?

For slopes flatter than 1H:1V, primary and secondary geogrids are combined with an erosion control product and vegetation to provide and engineered solution.

How are these welded wire forms galvanized.

Typically, they are hot dipped after manufacture. Using pre-galvanized wire can result in unprotected points where the forms have been welded.

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Welded Wire Forms For Steepened Slopes

US Fabrics offers galvanized and ungalvanized (black steel) welded-wire facing units for re-inforced temporary or permanent slopes. Along with Strata uniaxial geogrids, Strata MicroGrid and our woven and nonwoven geotextiles, we can deliver to your jobsite the materials required to construct these cost-effective, temporary or permanent, welded wire faced steepened slopes.

  • 1.5' x 1.5' x 10' bent at a 90 degree angle
  • 4" x 4" mesh openings
  • 4 gauge steel construction
  • Tensile strength of up to 75,000 psi
  • Galvanized or black steel 4 gauge steel struts (5 per basket)
  • Cost savings compared to steel-reinforced concrete and SRW
  • Permanent or temporary
  • Vegetated, rock fill or fabric wrapped facing options
  • Installs quickly (1,000 to 1,500 sf/day)
  • Minimizes impact on environment
  • Excellent structural capacity (i.e. 70o reinforced slopes exceeding 90-ft vertical height)
  • Can utilize on-site fill


Where possible, vegetation offers the most economical welded-wire facing option. Vegetated welded-wire faced steepened slopes provide a green aesthetic that softens hard architectural features and minimizes requirements for select aggregate. For structures steeper than 1H:1V, the welded-wire forms are used in conjunction with our Microgrid face wrap. The welded-wire unit is merely a construction form with the Microgrid face wrap and permanent vegetative cover provideing long-term facing stability. The Microgrid confines soil within the facing units. Because of Microgrid's unique apertures, the use of a TRM when vegetating the face may not be necessary. The Strata uni-axial geogrids are layered within the slope as primary re-inforcement and provide overall structural stability.


When vegetation is not an option, a rock facing is recommended. In this case, galvanized welded-wire units function as the construction form and also provide the long-term facing stability. Rock selection is based on aesthetics and the 4" x 4" geometric opening size of the wire form. US Fabrics may be able to provide provide custom wire forms with modified apertures to accomidate smaller aggregate.


Conventional black steel, welded-wire forms are utilized simply as construction forms for temporary applications such as roadway re-alignments. Woven and non-woven geotextiles are often utilized as the face wrap to hold the soils in place.


Our good friend, Joe Kowalski of, put together this excellent demonstration on welded-wire faced, steepened slopes. This project utilized welded wire frames, facing geogrid and optional vegetation matting as fascia elements in lieu of segmental block.