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Cow Carpet® Geotextile


Do I need a drainage layer under the Cow Carpet™?

Cow Carpet™ passes plenty of water (100 gallons/minute/sf). However, some soils can be rather impermeable. If your subgrade consists of heavy clays, or you have a problem with standing water, a drainage layer is recommended.

In this case, we would recommend excavating; placing the Cow Carpet™; placing a 3"-4" layer of clean drainage stone; wrapping and covering the stone with an additional layer of Cow Carpet™ and then placing your cover material.

How long will Cow Carpet™ last?

If properly installed and protected from direct contact with animal’s hooves, a 25 year lifespan is reasonable.

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Contractor's Application Guide

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Cow Carpet® Geotextile

According to the Pennsylvania Small Scale Livestock Committee: "Mud creates an unhealthy environment for both horses and livestock." Mud is a pervasive and expensive problem facing beef and dairy producers as well as horse farms. US 180NW Cow Carpet® is the solution.

"Mud robs . . . beef and dairy producers of performance from their cattle herds in winter and spring conditions. To help avoid the problems associated with mud . . . [an] all-weather surface can be constructed of geotextile fabric, rock and fine surface cover for less than 1/3 of the cost of concrete."

-Larry W. Turner, Extension Agricultural Engineer

US 180NW Cow Carpet® will keep your cover material from disappearing into the subgrade and prevent the mud below from intermixing with your cover material. In addition, US 180NW Cow Carpet® will improve the footing and hoof health of your horses and cows. US 180NW Cow Carpet® meets the Natural Resources Conservation Service Class 1 Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric Specification.

  • Stop Loss of Cover Material
  • Reduce Mud
  • Improve Footing & Hoof Health
  • Meets Most NRCS Class 1 Specs

Does It Work?

"I thought I would send you an email to let you know how pleased we are with the fabric we bought from you last year since we're ready to order some more. In previous Winters here in Washington, we've had areas that became so muddy that they were unusable. Last Summer we put your fabric in the barnyard and covered it with gravel and it really made it so much easier to maneuver around there pulling the big wheelbarrow for feeding the horses.

But the most amazing was one of our paddock areas. In the past, this area has collected so much water during the winter that the mud would get 15-18 inches deep and we wouldn't be able to leave a horse there during the Winter at all. We put the fabric in this paddock and put gravel on top and housed one of our stallions there all Winter with zero mud problems.

It was also interesting and surprising in another way -- I was concerned that we just wouldn't be able to get it to work since it was starting to get muddy before we went to work to set it up but we decided to try anyway. We put the fabric down and much to my surprise, we could drive the bobcat on it with the gravel without messing it all up. We finished the work easily. We are totally thrilled with the fabric and highly recommend it for these corral and barnyard applications. Again, thanks for helping us find the right fabric for the job."

- Bill and Cheryl Wolf Rochester, WA

"I put it under ABC stone in my ring and paddock, and have been thrilled at my mudlessness there."

- Jeanette Ford, Wildwood Farm, NC (5 years after her purchase!)