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Orange Warning Barrier Geotextile

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Can I print “Do Not Dig” on your nonwoven warning barrier geotextiles?

No. This option is only available for an additional charge on our US 65HVO woven warning barrier.

Do you have geotextile warning barriers available in other colors?

Typically, the answer is no. Orange is the industry standard. For very large orders, >200,000 square yards, we may consider custom manufacturing a nonwoven in a different color. Custom orders are final and availability will be in the 4-6 week range.

Why do your warning barriers report typical values?

Since their primary function is to provide a visual barrier, it’s not necessary to test the properties at M.A.R.V. values.

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Orange Warning Barrier Geotextile

US Fabrics offers woven and nonwoven high visibility orange geotextiles for use as warning barriers indicating contaminated soils or underlying critical structures or utilities.

When the decision is made to leave contaminated soils intact on a remediation site, an orange geotextile warning barrier can be placed on the contaminated substrate and then capped with clean soils.

Excavation near utilities can be dangerous or result in expensive repairs. The use of a warning barrier is a cost-effective method of protection.

Federal and State laws require that archeological sites be protected from the adverse impacts of construction. An orange warning barrier geotextile provides a way to indicate the presence of sensitive materials while leaving them undisturbed beneath an engineered cover.

  • Woven Geotextile Warning Barrier
  • Can Print “Do Not Dig” on Woven Fabric
  • Nonwoven Geotextile Warning Barrier

Woven Orange Warning Barrier

US 65HVO is a woven, polypropylene, plain weave, warning barrier geotextile consisting of natural fibers in one direction and orange in the other. US 65HVO allows water to pass and limits particle transition from the contaminated substrate to the clean soils above.

In addition, “Do Not Dig” can be printed on US 65HVO in English and Spanish in 2" high letters for greater assurance.

Nonwoven Orange Warning Barrier

US Fabrics offers three grades of nonwoven orange warning barrier. These products offer a deeper orange color when compared to US 65HVO. They also have considerably higher flow rates than the woven while still restricting particle transition.