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EGA 30

Envirogrid® Adjustable Series

EnviroGrid® adjustable series is designed to provide more flexibility in section size. Section and cell size will change as each section is expanded to the required dimension. Section length can be increased or decreased by adding or subtracting cells at no additional charge.

EGA 30: 27.4 ft panel length, various cell depths, perforated and textured, 29-cell section length. Standard sections are manufactured from 58 strips of HDPE, resulting in a section length of 29 cells and 8 cells wide. Each strip is the appropriate width and 142 inches (3.6 m) in length. Weld spacing is 17.5 in ± .12 in (446 ± 3 mm). Cell density is 22 cells per meter squared. Cell walls are textured and if perforations are required 16% ± 3% of the cell wall is removed.

EGA 30
EGA 30 Material Characteristics
Material Characteristic Test Method Unit Data
Minimum Polymer DensityASTM D-1505g/cm3 (lb/ft3)0.935-0.965 (58.40-60.20)
Environmental Stress Crack ResistanceASTM D-5397hrs>400
Environmental Stress Crack ResistanceASTM D-1693hrs6,000
Carbon Black ContentASTM D-1603% by weight1.5% Minimum
Nominal Sheet Thickness (before texturing)ASTM D-5199mm (mils)1.27 (50) -5% +10%
Nominal Sheet Thickness (after texturing)ASTM D-5199mm (mils)1.52 (60) -5% +10%
EGA 30 Physical Properties
Physical Property Unit Typical Value
Nominal Expanded Cell Size (width x length)mm (in)320 (12.6) x 287 (11.3)
Nominal Expanded Cell Areacm2 (in2)460 (71.3)
Nominal Expanded Section (width x length)m (ft)2.56 (8.4) x 8.35 (27.4)
Nominal Expanded Section Area (width x length)m2 (ft2)21.4 (230)
Cell Depthmm (in)
75 (3)100 (4)150 (6)200 (8)
Seam Peel StrengthN (lbs)
1,065 (240)1,420 (320)2,130 (480)2,840 (640)
Section WeightKg (lbs)
19.5 (43)25.9 (57)39 (86)51.7 (114)
Sections Per Pallet
Seam Hang StrengthA 102 mm (4.0 in) weld joint supporting a load of 72.5 kg (160 lbs) for 30 days minimum or a 102 mm (4.0 in) weld joint supporting a load of 72.5 kg (160 lbs) for 7 days minimum while undergoing temperature change from 23o C (74o F) to 54o C (130o F) on a 1 hour cycle.
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