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US 700/720/740DB

Prefabricated Drainage Composite

US 700DB consists of a high flow, dimpled drainage core formed from a heavy duty impermeable polymeric sheet cuspated under heat and pressure, then bonded to a layer of woven filter fabric. The filter fabric retains soil and sand particles or freshly placed concrete or grout, allowing filtered water to pass into the drainage core.

US 720DB includes the addition of a protection sheet bonded to the back side of the core for soft membrane waterproofing systems. US 720DB is compatible with waterproofing systems without the use of a protection board.

US 740DB has the same core as 700 but bonded to a layer of 4 oz/sy non-woven filter fabric.

US 760DB has the same core as 700 but bonded to a layer of 6 oz/sy non-woven filter fabric.

US 780DB has the same core as 700 but bonded to a layer of 8 oz/sy non-woven filter fabric.

US 700/720/740DB
US 700/720/740DB Test Results
Property Test Method English Metric
Compressive Strength - CoreASTM D-162121,000 p/f²1,005 kN/m²
Thickness - CoreASTM D-17770.40 in1.016 cm
Flow - CoreASTM D-471623 g/min/ft286 l/min/m
Flow - Fabric 700/720ASTM D-4491145 g/min/f²5,907 l/min/m²
Flow - Fabric 740ASTM D-4491140 g/min/f²5,704 l/min/m²
Flow - Fabric 760ASTM D-4491110 g/min/f²4,482 l/min/m²
Flow - Fabric 780ASTM D-449195 g/min/f²3,870 l/min/m²
CBR Puncture - Fabric 700/720ASTM D-6241675 lbs3,004 kN
CBR Puncture - Fabric 740ASTM D-6241250 lbs1,113 kN
CBR Puncture - Fabric 760ASTM D-6241410 lbs1,825 kN
CBR Puncture - Fabric 780ASTM D-6241500 lbs2,224 kN
Apparent Opening Size - Fabric 700/720ASTM D-475140 US Sieve0.42 mm
Apparent Opening Size - Fabric 740ASTM D-475170 US Sieve0.21 mm
Apparent Opening Size - Fabric 760ASTM D-475170 US Sieve0.21 mm
Apparent Opening Size - Fabric 780ASTM D-475180 US Sieve0.18 mm
Grab Tensile - Fabric 700/720ASTM D-4632365 x 200 lbs1,624 x 890 kN
Grab Tensile - Fabric 740ASTM D-4632100 lbs0.445 kN
Grab Tensile - Fabric 760ASTM D-4632160 lbs1,005 kN
Grab Tensile - Fabric 780ASTM D-4632205 lbs0.912 kN
US 700/720/740DB Shipping & Packaging
Roll Sizeselect roll size from this list ->
Roll Diameter 20.0 in
Roll Width 4'
Roll Weight 50 lbs
Rolls per Trailer 265
AASHTO Plain Drainage
Geocomposite Drain

Puncture Strength ASTM D4833 is not recognized by AASHTO M288 and has been replaced with CBR Puncture ASTM D6241.

This information is provided for reference only and is not intended as a warranty or guarantee. US Fabrics assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information (1/2020).