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State of California

California Department of Transportation

Geotextiles & DOT Specifications

JAN 2020


California DOT does not follow AASHTO M 288 for their geotextile specifications. The CALTRANS specification contains errors and contradictions, so please read the many notes below the product chart. Listed below are US Fabric's geotextile products that meet the California DOT geotextile specification, listed by their application.

Click on the green product name for a data sheet.

US Fabrics Products Meeting California's DOT Specifications
Specification Application Non Woven Woven Composite Grid
88-1.02BFilter Fabric Class AUS 160NW   
88-1.02BFilter Fabric Class BUS 160NW   
88-1.02BFilter Fabric Class CUS 160NW   
96-1.02DGeotechnical Subsurface Reinforcement US 200 BaseGrid 11
96-1.02FGravel Filled BagUS 205NW   
96-1.02GSediment Filter BagUS 250NWUS 1540  
96-1.02HTemporary CoverUS 205NWUS 200  
96-1.02IRock Slope Protection Fabric Class 8 US 225NWE   
96-1.02IRock Slope Protection Fabric Class 10US 270NWE   
96-1.02JPaving Fabric (c)US 100P   
96-1.02OSubgrade Enhancement A1  US 670  
96-1.02OSubgrade Enhancement A2US 160NW   
96-1.02OSubgrade Enhancement B1 US 4800  
96-1.02OSubgrade Enhancement B2 US 230  
96-1.02OSubgrade Enhancement B3US 205NW   
96-1.02P Biaxial Geogrid   BaseGrid 12
96-1.02Q Geosynthetic Bond Breaker (CALL USF FABRICS FOR PRODUCT)    
More resources may be found on the web:

California DOT Home Page

2018 Standard Specifications Section 96 Geosynthetics



• The above information is to be used only as a guide.

• Products on the above list can change without notice.

• California does not have a QPL for engineering fabrics.

(a) Specification regarding AOS seems contradictory. Please clarify with engineer the meaning of "sieve size, max." Are they referring to the number, or the correlating mm size? The spec requires 160 lb. tensile strength nonwovens, but also requires a max sieve size of 40 Sieve for Class A and 60 Sieve for Class B. This is not possible. Only Class C with a 70 Sieve can be met. US 160NW meets all other properties for all 3 classes including permittivity.

(b) US 250NW is 5 pounds short on Grab Breaking Load for Sediment Filter Bags.

(c) The Paving Fabric specification appears to contain an error. It requires a Minimum Mass of 4.1 sy/oz. AASHTO is Typical Mass of 4.1 sy/oz. We are not aware of a paving fabric with Minimum value of 4.1 oz/sy.

(d) Please Note : Exception - We are not aware of a product on the market that can meet this combination of strength and hydraulic properties. The required max sieve size of 0.012 inches eliminates almost every woven geotextile on the market. The few left would not meet the 0.20 permittivity requirement or the required strengths. Our purposed product has an Apparent Opening Size of 0.425 mm / 40 US Sieve / 0.0165 inches, a difference of 0.0045 inches.




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