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State of Missouri

Missouri Department of Transportation

Geotextiles & DOT Specifications

JAN 2020


Missouri D.O.T. utilizes AASHTO M 288 as a guideline for their geotextile specifications. Below are US Fabrics' geotextile products meeting the Missouri D.O.T. Standard Specifications, listed by their application.

Click on the green product name for a data sheet.

US Fabrics Products Meeting Missouri's DOT Specifications
Specification Application Non Woven Woven Composite Grid
Section 1011.3.1 (2016)Subsurface Drainage GeotextileUS 160NW   
Section 1011.3.2 (2016)Temporary Silt Fence Fabric    
Section 1011.3.3 (2016)Permanent Erosion Control Geotextile - Class 1US 205NW   
Section 1011.3.3 (2016)Permanent Erosion Control Geotextile - Class 2US 160NW   
Section 1011.3.4 (2016)Separator Geotextile - Class 1US 205NW   
More resources may be found on the web:

Missouri DOT Home Page

Standard Specifications Highway Construction 2019

State QPL information:

Materials Qualified Lists


• The above information is to be used only as a guide.

• Products on the above list can change without notice.

• Missouri D.O.T does not have an APL/QPL for geotextiles (except paving applications).

Areas Served:

US Fabrics is proud to serve the geotextile needs of the State of Missouri including: Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, Lee's Summit, O'Fallon, St. Joseph, St. Charles, St. Peters, Blue Springs, Florissant, Joplin, Chesterfield, Jefferson City and all other areas of Missouri.