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State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Geotextiles & DOT Specifications

JAN 2020


NH DOT Specs read: 2.1 General. Geotextile shall be a product tested under the AASHTO National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) and included on the Qualified Products List for the Application, Strength Class, and Structure specified. Manufactures of geotextiles and those marketing geotextiles made by others as a “Private Labeler” shall participate in and maintain compliance with the NTPEP audit program for geotextiles. Manufacturer’s labels providing product name, AASHTO M288 class, roll number, and production date shall be affixed to both ends of the roll.

US FABRICS GEOTEXTILES ARE ON THE NEW HAMPSHIRE DOT QUALIFIED PRODUCTS LIST. US FABRICS IS ALSO NTPEP/AASHTO COMPLIANT. Below are US Fabrics' geotextile products meeting the New Hampshire DOT specification, listed by their application.

Click on the green product name for a data sheet.

US Fabrics Products Meeting New Hampshire's DOT Specifications
Specification Application Non Woven Woven Composite Grid
2.3.2Class O - Extra High StrengthUS 380NW   
2.3.1 Class 1 - Subsurface Drainage US 205NW   
2.3.1 Class 2 - Subsurface Drainage US 160NW   
2.3.1 Class 3 - Subsurface DrainageUS 120NW   
2.3.1 Class 1 Separation US 205NWUS 315  
2.3.1 Class 2 Separation US 160NWUS 250  
2.3.1 Class 3 Separation US 120NWUS 200  
2.3.1 Class 1 Stabilization US 205NWUS 315  
2.3.1 Class 2 Stabilization US 160NWUS 250  
2.3.1 Class 3 StabilizationUS 120NWUS 200  
2.3.1 Class 1 Permanent Erosion Control US 205NW   
2.3.1 Class 2 Permanent Erosion Control US 160NW   
More resources may be found on the web:

New Hampshire DOT Home Page

2016 Standard Specifications - Section 593 "Geotextile"

2010 Standard Specifications

State QPL information:

Qualified Products List

Qualified Products & Procedures


• The above information is to be used only as a guide.

• Products on the above list can change without notice.

Areas Served:

US Fabrics is proud to serve the geotextile needs of the State of New Hampshire including: Manchester, Nashua, Concord, East Concord, Derry Village, Dover, Rochester, Salem, Merrimack, Keene and all other areas of New Hampshire.