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Welded Wire Forms

Welded Wire Forms

US Fabrics' Welded Wire Forms are manufactured from galvanized or black steel. They are designed to be used as facing units for mechanically stabilized, temporary or permanent earthen slopes.

Welded Wire Forms
Welded Wire Forms Test Results
Property Test Method English Metric
Dimensional CharacteristicsMeasured4x4, w4xw4, 3’x10'
Nominal Wire SizeMeasured0.226 inches0.574 cm
Minimum Tensile StrengthASTM A-8275,000 psi75 ksi
Min. Ave. Weld Shear (35,000 x Nom. Area)ASTM A-1851,400 psi14 ksi
Nominal Wire Size (Strut)ASTM A-820.226 inches0.574 cm
Minimum Tensile Strength (Strut)ASTM A-8280,000 psi80 ksi
Steel TypeGalv. or BlackGalv. or Black

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